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Some of our vehicles



Our DAF XF is the work horse of our fleet; a classic lift and tow recovery vehicle it is capable of pulling 85 tonnes. Built by and for the best, Boniface custom super-deluxe body with stealth flyer, mark 6H underlift with twin winches rear and hydraulic legs.






600280_3266487863661_1119551800_nEx Military Foden GS

A 6×6 vehicle that has tackled any situation that has been thrown at it. Fitted with┬áPerkins-Rolls Royce engine, differential-locks, hi-lo ratio, 150 tonne train weight, 12.5 tonne Atlas rotating crane, front mounted 10 tonne winch, rear 25 tonne Rotzler hydraulic winch, rear stiff legs, telescopic outriggers and plenty of snatch blocks to really pull some serious tonnage.







11130337_745934688854605_2196192834408344846_oDAF LF

Our DAF LF may not be the largest of vehicles, but it is very versatile for tighter spaces and for the smaller HGVs. This vehicle has a train weight of 19.5 tonnes; its again, made by the best for the best. Boniface Junior Interstater equipment, with single winch and hydraulic legs.






The rest of our fleet consists of service vehicles and numerous slide bed vehicles including a Scania accident unit.